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Information about Taxis, Cabs, and Limo's in Greenville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas.

Business Trip? Tips for Choosing the Best Airport Transportation Service

Business travel is never easy because you want to reach your appointments on time, save money, and be safe. The best way to ensure everything goes smoothly on your trip is to book an airport transportation service and other transport arrangements. After all, you want the car to be present when your flight lands or when you leave your home to catch a flight. At Light Transportation, we recommend these tips to help you make the right choice. Check the Reviews Reviews are the best way to determine whether a company offers good service and is reliable. There are many...
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Taxis Saving Lives: 3 Ways Taxis Serve Us – Spartanburg, SC

When most people think of taxis, they think of them as a convenient service. Taxi drivers transport people where they need to go and get paid in return. But have you thought about the ways taxi drivers help their communities? Taxis are important-sometimes indispensable-to modern living. Here are a few ways they make our world a better place. 1. They Provide Medical Transport Fortunately, many medical service providers and insurance agencies contract through taxi companies. Taxi drivers come to patients’ homes and offer rides to their medical appointments. These rides are covered by the patients’ insurance or by other programs...
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Travel Smart: 10 Times to Take a Cab / Taxi – Greenville Spartanburg

Taxis represent a safe, affordable, and reliable way to get where you’re going. In fact, in many situations, taking Light Transportation is your smartest choice. In this blog, we list 10 situations when you should take Light Transportation, GSP. 1. You Go Out Without a Designated Driver Driving under the influence of alcohol endangers your safety and your license. If you cannot drive, grab a light. Light Transportation South Carolina has a Program that will bring you back to the pickup location the next day to pick up your car. Monetary and emotional cost of an accident or a DUI is not...
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