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1099 Contract Agreement & Safety Guidelines

Light Transportations Co Safety and Guidelines

Part 1.

Our Mission.
We are here to provide safe and reliable transportation to upstate South Carolina. We will be neat, on time, courteous and have clear communication with our customers and team members.

Part 2.

Core Values.

• Loyalty- Bear true faith and allegiance to OUR team and our Customers
• Self Service- put the team and your team members before you.
• Neatness – keep a clean and professional look on and off the clock- you never know when someone wants to do business, keep your car clean and neat as well
• Clear Communication – we will be clear with each other as well as our customers.
• Attitude- your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude
• Customer Service- Treat customers as if they were your Grand Mother
• Health –Physical and Mental Readiness will prepare you for the challenges that are sure to come
• Integrity- Do what is right, morally and legally
• Personal Courage- Face Fear or adversity (both Physical or Moral
• Duty- DO YOUR JOB – we all are counting on you
• Excellence – Doing ordinary things in a reasonably excellent way.
Driver NOTES:
Travel Light, Live Light, Spread the Light, Be the Light

Part 3.

Dress Code

Dress appropriately: Shirt, Tie, Slacks

Part 4.

Driver Requirements.

• Filled out Application online
• Must have Valid Driver License
• 25 years or older
• Must be able to pass a random drug test
• Clean 5 year Driving Record, Non Sex Offender, No Violent Crimes
• Good Attitude
• Appropriate attire
• Read and Follow Instructions (driver notes)
• Must be able to operate a smart phone efficiently
• Safely operate different vehicles
• Obey all traffic laws
• DownLoad VENMO
• Download Cash APP

4.1 Questions to ask during interview:

Are you 25+?
Clean driving Record?
Non–Sex Offender?
What was your last job and why did you leave?
Can you efficiently use a smart phone android or apple?
What do you care about?
Do you know anything about car care?

Part 5.

Dispatcher Requirements.

• 21 years or older
• Must be able to pass a random Drug Test
• Good Attitude
• Must know how to use modern technology, smart phones tablet and computer.
• Operate our Dispatching System from phone, tablet, or computer.
• Send correct price quotes to customers.
• Treat Every customer as if it were your grandmother
• Make sure Drivers are on time for there Rides—

Part 6.

Driver Protocol.


Pre and Post Shift DRIVERS

Be on Time.

Park your car in the appropriate place—you will be towed.

Be dressed in Appropriate Attire

Make sure your Car is Clean and Vacuumed out

Sign in and out before and after working Using the Driver Portal Located on our company website.

Sign in and out of Dashride Driver pre and post shift.

Grab an envelope for your money for the night located in the back of the office (label it with your Name, Date, Cash Collected, Expenses- Gas, Vacuum, oil, car wash etc. .

Arrive 30 minutes Early TO AIRPORT RIDES, and Appointments booked 4 or more hours in advance—RIDERS NEEDING A RIDE ASAP WILL BE IN LINE.

PUT ALL MONEY IN THE ENVELOPE AND TURN IN AT THE END OF THE NIGHT IN THE DROP BOX—LOCATED IN THE BACK OF THE OFFICE ON THE WALL –IF you feel like you have too much cash on your persons go make a cash drop in the Drop BOX.

6.2 Taking A Ride

**Accept Rides as they become available.

  • • Once you accept your ride and know you estimated time of arrival (found using the GPS icon on your Driver App) Call Your Passenger and let them know WHO, WHAT and WHEN- WHO YOU ARE< WHAT YOU ARE DRIVING AND WHEN YOU WILL PULL UP **$10 fine for failure to call customer before picking them up.
  • READ YOUR DRIVER NOTES!! Go find the driver notes in this document and WRITE HERE:_____________________________________
  • Follow all prompts in accepting ride, marking en route, arrived, start your ride and complete your ride.
  •  Add wait time by using th icon that looks like a clock on your driver app when a customer needs to make stops.
  • Charge appropriate surcharges (found in your driver notes)**if the ride is messed up– you can adjust the price to what it should be in the surcharges if you know what the correct price should be– to find out Do a price check on your phone—concierge tab on site- sign in with DRIVER email/ pw or call dispatch. **you will be charged for an missed surcharge. _____
  • Complete the ride by charging the appropriate currency-CASH OR CREDIT – MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR DRIVER NOTES FOR THE SURCHARGE
  • Do not let passengers go inside for payment—have the person who is paying come outside.
  • Leave Run offs as unpaid, get as much info as possible, and leave the note in your envelope at the end of the day—DO NOT CHASE THEM
  • IF the Phone Malfunctions, Close apps and retry, if that doesn’t work reboot phone.

**Call out Policy- 2 weeks notice – Text 864-504-4450,
AND Landon and Call one of the three to lets us know the exact dates and time you need off* ** same process with last minute emergency situations.

** if your car Breaks DOWN
Call DISPATCH 864-504-4450—to get you a replacement driver or a pickup
Then Call E FIELDS –864-375-8337—Mobile mechanic—Let him know your details of what is going on- 9am-5pm

**Report all accidents immediately

Part 7.

Dispatcher Protocol

  • Sign in a Sign out our Dispatcher Portal when you are on the HOT LINE-
  • Answer all calls and call the ones back that you missed.
  • Answer with a courteous greeting “Hi this is XXX with Light Transportation, Can I help you book a ride today etc.
  • Take the customers phone number first, to check if they’re an existing customer. If so the info will auto fill for you and will also have frequent addresses that they travel – to save you some time.
  • Always read back the customers details to make sure we have them correct
  • Ask if Paying Cash or Credit (if they are paying credit get there credit card info
  • IF they want a receipt we must take their email—Business Traveler will need this frequently just get the info so they don’t have to call back and ask.
  • Make sure drivers are arriving 30 mins early for airport appointments
  • Watch the board and let customers know there realistic wait time as well as make sure drivers are getting connected to riders.
  • Always as customers if the need a return trip
  • Listen to Customers ISSUEs and if you feel like its something we could have done to make the situation better please call 8643819776 Landon to get rectifying the situations – offer discounted ride.
  • Party Bus quotes and Limo Quotes –you will be emailed the customers info if it come online. Send them an appropriate quote via email that is provided—always cc
  • After the customers pays, Landon will let you know to put there info in the Dispatch system and begin planning the driver for the trip
  • Limo— Get the Date and time and call Charlita Atchison 864-595-1234 ask if its available on that day if it is get back with the customer and try to book it. Prices is $129 per hour for now .
  • Call out Policy- 2 weeks notice – Text 864-504-4450, ANDRE RICE
  • AND Landon and Call one of the three to lets us know the exact dates and time you need off* ** same process with last minute emergency situations.
  • Up to $50 fine per day for non-call/no shows

Part 8.


The Defensive Driving Code
• The object of defensive driving is to drive without having a preventable accident.
• Defensive driving requires the knowledge and strict observation of all traffic rules and regulations applicable to the area in which the vehicle is being operated.
• Defensive driving requires constant alertness for the illegal acts and driving errors of other drivers, and the willingness to make timely adjustments in one’s own driving, so that these illegal acts and errors will not involve one in an accident.
• Defensive driving requires a knowledge of an intelligent adjustment of one’s driving to the special hazards presented by abnormal, unusual, or changing conditions in the mechanical functioning of one’s vehicle, type of road surface, weather, degree of light, kind of traffic, and one’s physical condition and state of mind.
• Defensive driving requires an attitude of confidence that one can drive without ever having a preventable accident.
You and the Public
Part 1 – Drivers
It shall
a. Be the responsibility of the driver for the following:
To comply, at all times with company operating procedures and policies.
b. To comply, at all times, with the rules, regulations and laws of the federal, state, and such other regulatory agencies having jurisdiction.
c. To report all accidents and/or injuries to the home office immediately, regardless of how minor they seem. ______________________________________
Part 9.
10-99 employees Status
ALL LIGHT DRIVERS AND DISPATCHERs are categorized as 10-99 indepentedent contractors
All contractors understand they are responsible for reporting their income to the IRS.
All contractors are responsible for their own health and life insurance.
ALL contractors are responsible for any equipment used during the time of contract agreement.
Driver Compensations is 30 percent commission on your total revenue (includes tip) example If you bring in $100 dollars you make $30.
Lost or Stolen Phone- $100 fine
Car accident-$1000 Deductible if the accident was your fault. It will be deducted weekly from your pay.
Failure to comply with any company policies will result in lost of contract.
Improper Dress Will result in termination of contract
Must obey all traffic laws and drive defensively. _________________________

Part 10.
Lead Driver Responsibility
• Must Have 6 month experience of driving for Light Transportation Co
• Responsible for Making the weekly schedule by Sunday of EVERY WEEK
• Hiring New Employees/ Train Employees
• Watching the Dispatch Board during downtime to make sure all rides are connected.
• Drive Passengers
• Communicate and provide feedback and reports to management.
• Have enough alternates
• Do not switch a persons shift unless it’s a EMERGENCY
• NO one should be schedule more than five days.


1099 Safety Guidelines Agreement

1099 Safety Guidelines Agreement
    Light Transportations Co Safety and Guidelines.docx