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Travel Smart: 10 Times to Take a Cab / Taxi – Greenville Spartanburg

Taxis represent a safe, affordable, and reliable way to get where you’re going. In fact, in many situations, taking Light Transportation is your smartest choice.

In this blog, we list 10 situations when you should take Light Transportation, GSP.

1. You Go Out Without a Designated Driver
Driving under the influence of alcohol endangers your safety and your license. If you cannot drive, grab a light. Light Transportation South Carolina has a Program that will bring you back to the pickup location the next day to pick up your car. Monetary and emotional cost of an accident or a DUI is not reversible.

2. You Don’t Have Time to Find Event Parking
When you’re running late for an event, you must account for every step you still have left. If you don’t have time to drive around looking for a spot to park, grab a light instead.

3. You Find Yourself in Inclement Weather
Come rain, snow, or Dust storm, you still have to get to your destination. When sudden inclement weather hits you while away from home, trust light transportation to take you home.

4. You Find Yourself Without a Car Unexpectedly
Imagine that you drive to a function with a friend. When you want to leave, your friend isn’t ready or even available. In this situation, it’s often smarter to take a Cab than to wait or try and arrange another form of transportation.

5. You Must Conduct Business During the Drive
You lead a busy life and sometimes you have to be productive while traveling or lose precious time. While in an executive cab,  you can talk on the phone, write, or even text without fear of your business needs endangering your safety.

6. You Need Accommodations Outside Your Norm
Light Transportation offers special accommodation options such as wheelchair-accessible vehicles. If you need these accommodations unexpectedly, light transportation is your easiest solution. When you must travel with young children, get home after a surgery, or help an elderly loved one shop, choose an accessible vehicle for less hassle.

7. You Need Urgent Transportation
In an emergency, you call an ambulance. But in an urgent, non-emergency situation, call a trusted cab. Consider Light Transportation for urgent care clinic trips, rushed errands, and time-constrained travel plans. Many insurance companies cover the cost of transport.

8. You Visit an Unfamiliar City

Many tourists waste time and money wandering throughout an unfamiliar city. When you need to find your hotel, visit a sight before it closes, or make your flight and you don’t know where you’re going, call a taxi.

9. You Want to Save Money on Parking
If you don’t live in the city (Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson), the cost of parking may astound you. Often, taking a taxi from place to place costs less than paying for multiple parking spots throughout the day.

10. You Will Be Reimbursed for Travel
If you travel for business, you must keep records of your expenses for reimbursement. When you take a Light, you receive clear, official documentation perfect for this type of reporting.

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